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The Jones Act was enacted in the year 1920 and was meant to regulate the shipping industry in The United States of America. Though much focus was on foreign shipping regulations, the Jones Act also laid down important regulations to safeguard the interests of sailors, workers and crew members in the shipping industry. If you have suffered from an injury or loss due to the inability of your employer to provide adequate medical care, a safe working environment, safety equipment, etc. on a ship and that has caused damage to you personally, you can claim compensation against damages under the Jones Act

Argenta Funds helps you get funding for filing a lawsuit under the Jones Act and an adequate financial cushion to fight large corporations and insurance companies without worrying about the costs incurred.

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Individuals working on a ship or in the dockyard on the ship that is capable of sailing are entitled to compensation if they have suffered from an injury or loss due to the employer's negligence. Instead of filing a complaint in state workers’ compensation boards, marine workers have to file a lawsuit to sue their employer for the breach of conditions laid out under the Jones Act.

If your employer failed at providing adequate safety equipment, training or failed at maintaining safe working conditions on the ship, you can sue your employer and demand compensation if any of these circumstances caused a personal injury. As a mariner, you can recover special as well as general damages from your employer under the Jones Act.

If you are confused regarding funding your lawsuit or worried that the delay in the lawsuit will hamper your financial health, apply for Jones Act funding with Argenta Fund. Our simple process and fast disbursal ensure that you receive funds to fight the legal battle in just 24 hours.

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Apply for Jones Act Funding with Argenta Fund and give a tough fight to your employer for claiming what is legally and rightfully yours.

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Legal funding for lawsuits under the Jones Act creates a level playing field for you to fight against your employer. Adequate funding gives you the strength to withstand costly lawsuits without impacting your current financial conditions. Instead of turning back because of the fear, you can shake your employer and get compensation against the damages.

Apply for Jones Act Funding with Argenta Fund and give a tough fight to your employer for claiming what is legally and rightfully yours.

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