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Jones Act Legal Funding - We can keep your finances shipshape during a Jones Act lawsuit

The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, regulates the US shipping industry. In addition to overseeing the transportation of goods and passengers in US waters, the statute also protects sailors, shipwrights, and assorted employees aboard American ships. Jobs on water, especially on the oceans, are exceptionally dangerous, and it’s an employer’s responsibility to take measures to safeguard the health and the lives of their employees. Injuries aboard ships are often fatal, and for those who survive shipping-related accidents, the road to recovery can be physically and financially draining.

If you have sustained an injury due to negligence while working in a shipyard or aboard a ship in US waters, you might be able to bring suit against your employer. A lawsuit loan from Argenta Legal Funding can help you hire an attorney who will fight for your rights.

Argenta Funds helps you get funding for filing a lawsuit under the Jones Act and an adequate financial cushion to fight large corporations and insurance companies without worrying about the costs incurred.

A pre-settlement loan can cover medical costs, legal fees, and day-to-day expenses

Most people who are injured on the job are entitled to payments through workers’ compensation, but marine workers who are hurt aboard ships are required to file Jones Act claims. Because maritime law is a specialized branch of the law, brining suit against a negligent shipping company will likely require an expensive attorney with a specialized skill set. Even in the best of circumstances, it is difficult for most people to pay such fees, but if you are laid up in the hospital and unable to work, it can be virtually impossible to pay your attorney’s bills. We exist for precisely such situations.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Argenta Legal Funding can help you cover all your expenses while you pursue your lawsuit. A shipping-related accident could devastate your life, but with a litigation loan from Argenta, you can begin rebuilding. ng with Argenta Fund. Our simple process and fast disbursal ensure that you receive funds to fight the legal battle in just 24 hours.

Get Jones Act Lawsuit Settlements Funding at a low rate

Apply for Jones Act Funding with Argenta Fund and give a tough fight to your employer for claiming what is legally and rightfully yours.

Argenta Legal Funding can help you win your lawsuit against a negligent shipping company

A lawsuit loan might mean the difference between a reasonable settlement from the shipping company responsible for your injuries and a lifetime of pain and suffering. Our top priority is helping our customers get the money they deserve, which is why our interest rates are low and our application process is easy.

A pre-settlement loan is a “non-recourse” cash advance, which means that we don’t ask for collateral and you don’t owe us a penny if you lose your case. You also get to keep any unspent money from the cash advance. Because you only pay if you win, there is absolutely no risk to you. Talk to our Jones Act legal funding experts today

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A legal funding is not a loan because you only pay us back when you win your case. That's right – there is no risk to you because if you lose your case you do not pay us back and you keep the cash.


While other pre-settlement legal funding companies charge additional fees just to submit an application or just to review your case, here at Argenta Legal Funding we don't… none, zip, zero. Go ahead and compare… all-in, there is no one better than Argenta Legal Funding!

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