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The Best Legal Funding Companies

Like any industry, the legal funding industry is comprised of countless pretenders but only a handful of contenders. But unlike other industries, ours isn't well regulated in America. We have no third-party rating agencies to inform consumers about the relative competence and trustworthiness of the lawsuit funding companies competing for your attention. So how is a person to know which are the best pre-settlement funding companies?

In Search of the Best Legal Funding Companies

The secret to success in the lawsuit funding industry is that there is no secret. As with any enterprise, those companies that respect their customers, offer reasonable rates, and mind the details will thrive. They will cultivate relationships and build a reputation that will carry them into the future. Companies that take shortcuts might have some modest success in the short-term, but eventually their poor business practices will catch up with them, and they will fall to the wayside.

But generalities about good business practices aren't going to help you make your decision today. You need specific recommendations, which is why we have compiled the following list of suggestions for you.

Best lowest legal funding rates guaranteed

Interest rates shouldn't be the only factor that you consider when making your decision, but it is a good place to start. Research the interest rates of a dozen companies. Find out the maximum rate for each company and make a note of it. Again, this isn't the endpoint of your search. This is just the beginning of your due diligence.

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Just say "no" to upfront or monthly fees

If a company wants you to pay any upfront or monthly fees, scratch its name from your list. It is completely unreasonable to ask someone who is already struggling financially to pay anything upfront. The best pre-settlement funding companies won't ask you to pay a cent until you receive your settlement.

Look at the back-end numbers

Make sure that the company in question isn't proposing to charge you more money on the back-end than you can conceivably win in a settlement. This is easier said than done since you probably don't know how much you can expect to win. So before you even begin searching for a lawsuit loan company, you should speak with your attorney about your expected settlement amount.

Choose a funder, not a broker

A broker is a middleman who acts as a bridge between you and the funder. If you choose to contract with a broker, you can expect to pay brokerage fees on top of the fees that you will have to pay to the actual funder. Skip the middleman go directly to the source of the funds.

Research reviews on Google+ and Yelp

A bad review or two shouldn't be a deal breaker. After all, you can't please all the people all the time. But if you are seeing one horror story after another on impartial websites like Google+ and Yelp, remove that company from consideration.

Talk to your attorney

If your attorney is experienced, they will likely have worked with one or more pre-settlement funding companies. Ask your attorney which companies they recommend, then research them. Unless you have worked with your attorney in the past, don't contract with the first company they mention. Do your homework.

Visit websites

You can tell a lot about a company by visiting its website. If it looks like it was created by amateurs, then you can probably expect amateurish service. A company should take the time to see to the details of its public face. If it doesn't, then you should look elsewhere.

Find incorporation dates

A company in its first year of business might not necessarily be a bad choice, but then again, it could be the worse decision of your life. The point is that you don't know how competent a company will be unless you can look at past successes. If it doesn't have any, then you should probably cross it off your list.

Check for ALFA membership

Check to see if the company is a member of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), an organization whose members are governed by rules that regulate lending amounts, disclosure requirements, conflicts of interest, and more.

Get it in writing!

If a company makes a promise, ask to have it put in writing, then make sure you read the full contract—including the fine print—before you even think about signing it. You should only put your signature on the contract if you are completely satisfied with the terms. If you have any concerns, talk to your attorney before entering an agreement for pre-settlement funding.

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We excel at what we do because we put people before profit. We have more than a decade of experience in funding low-cost, low-interest lawsuit loans so that you can pursue your legal case. We provide pre-settlement cash advances within 24 hours of approval, which means that you often get your funds the same day you apply. We don't charge any upfront or brokerage fees, and you will never receive a surprise bill from us. You can take that to the bank.

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A legal funding is not a loan because you only pay us back when you win your case. That's right – there is no risk to you because if you lose your case you do not pay us back and you keep the cash.


While other pre-settlement legal funding companies charge additional fees just to submit an application or just to review your case, here at Argenta Legal Funding we don't… none, zip, zero. Go ahead and compare… all-in, there is no one better than Argenta Legal Funding!

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