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Dog bites are a common reason due to which patients are rushed into emergency rooms across the United States. In fact, every 75 seconds someone, somewhere is bitten by a dog. A dog bite can cause severe damage to your health and lead to long-term medical bills.

At Argental Legal Funding, we believe in protecting the interests of our clients and alleviating them from financial stress. We help you take care of medical bills as well as routine expenses by providing pre-settlement dog bite lawsuit funding. Our simple process provides you with a sufficient amount of funding without any collateral security in just 24 hours.

Stop waiting for insurance settlement, apply for pre-settlement funding with ease

Insurance companies tend to delay the process of settlement in the hope that the plaintiff will eventually back off. This can cause significant damage to your personal financial situation, leaving you in a flux regarding how to manage the piling up expenses due to the lawsuit as well as routine affairs.

Instead of waiting for your insurance company to settle claims and offer compensation, use the alternate route by applying for pre-settlement funding in the case of a dog bite. You are just required to furnish your attorney information and the desired amount and we will ensure you get the required amount without any hassle.

Stop wasting your time following up insurance companies & take care of medical bills

Injuries from dog bites can lead to permanent disfigurement or disability. The injuries can also impact a person's ability to work, leading to a loss of income. Instead of waiting and following up your insurance company for acting swiftly, you should apply for pre-settlement legal funding with Argenta Fund.

We ensure you will never have to worry about piling medical bills by giving you adequate financial support in the form of cash advances. What's more, our non-recourse funding process ensures that you only have to pay us back when you win the case and receive your compensation. This means the pre-settlement funding is absolutely risk-free on your part.

Get complete assistance & hassle-free funding at low rates in just 24 hours

When you reach out to Argenta Fund for pre-settlement funding, you can be assured of a swift response. We understand your pain and misery and release the funds without any delay. You will receive the desired amount in your account within just 24 hours. Stop worrying about medical and legal expenses and apply for ANIMAL BITE LEGAL FUNDING now.

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The funds I received from Argenta Legal Funding allowed me to live a decent life w/o interruption until my case in court comes to a close. Thank you Argenta for your prompt service and support.

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Argenta Legal Funding helped us keep going when the tragedy struck my family. Their funding helped us pay our bills while my husband was unable to work and earn for our family and our case was still pending processing. Thank you Argenta for helping us out!.

Mares Kathleen

A legal funding is not a loan because you only pay us back when you win your case. That's right – there is no risk to you because if you lose your case, you do not pay us back and you keep the cash you've recieved!


While other pre-settlement legal funding companies charge additional fees just to submit an application or to review your case, here at Argenta Legal Funding we don't… none, zip, zero. Go ahead and compare… all-in, there is no one better than Argenta Legal Funding!