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Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

Car Accident Settlement Loans

Car accident loans from Argenta Legal Funding could mean the difference between winning and losing your auto accident injury lawsuit. Besides paying for attorney's fees, a car accident loan can cover medical bills, mortgage payments, and routine expenses.

After pain and suffering, financial stress is one of the chief problems facing car accident victims. If you have been seriously injured, you might not be able to work for weeks or possibly even months after a car accident. Without an income, you probably won't be able to hire an attorney who can fight on your behalf. We can solve that problem.

Types of Pre Settlement Loans for your auto accidents case

We offer low cost, low interest car accident settlement loans within 24 hours of approval, which means that you often get your funds the same day you apply.

Get your life back on track with a pre-settlement loan from Argenta Legal Funding

Argenta Legal Funding offers financial assistance to those who have been involved in car accidents because we know that pursing a pre settlement loans auto accidents against an insurance company or against another driver can be a costly, lengthy ordeal. By taking a car accident cash advance from Argenta Legal Funding, you're trading your future settlement for immediate cash.

Why Choose us for Car Accident Loans

We are dedicated to provide easy and quick cash advances on the future settlement of your pending lawsuit. Our car accident loan application is simple and 100% low-risk, we can usually process your loan application within 24 hours. You can receive a cash upto $1000 to $50000 fast.

Same Day Accident Loans

You don't have to choose between low rates and fast funding

A car accident lawsuit loans is a "non-recourse" cash advance, which means that we don't ask for collateral and you don't owe us a penny if you lose your case. You also get to keep any unspent money from the cash advance. Because you only pay if you win, there's absolutely no risk to you. Yes, you read that right. It's 100% risk-free.

Common Types of Car Accidents

We provides car accident loans on all kinds of auto accidents loans. Below is a list of the most common types of automobile accident legal fudning we provide:
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Speeding accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Defective tire accidents
  • Brake failure accident loans
  • Parking lot accident loans
  • Head-on collisions
  • Dangerous highway conditions accident
  • Drowsy driving car accidents

Argenta Legal Funding is on your side!

We also don't ask for bank account details, a background check, a credit check, or employment verification. Our application and approval process is quick and easy because we know you need money now.

While there are companies out there that charge fees just for applying for a car accident loans, Argenta Legal Funding isn't one of them. We charge absolutely no upfront fees for any of our lawsuit loans. We also provide you with all repayment details upfront, including your interest rate and yourtotal repayment amount, so you will never be surprised by an invoice. Transparency is one of our guiding principles.

Some companies claim that they're looking out for their customers, but we actually walk the walk. There's a reason that we rank among the best pre-settlement funding companies in America.

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pre settlement loans auto accidents reviews

The funds I received from Argenta Legal Funding allowed me to live a decent life w/o interruption until my case in court comes to close. Thank you Argenta for your prompt service and support.

Canaj Andrew

The assistance you have provided is so grateful and Helpful. Thank you!

Rodney Rivera

Argenta Funding helped me in a time of urgency and I would recommend their services to other people.

Carolyn Leverette Rodriguez

Funds I received from Argenta Legal Funding helped me pay my bills on time. Thanks for helping me survive the tide.

Caroline Garner

Argenta Legal Funding helped us keep going when the tragedy struck my family. Their funding helped us pay our bills while my husband was unable to work and earn for our family and our case was still pending processing. Thank you Argenta for helping us out!.

Mares Kathleen
Google Rating 5 testmonial star

Auto and Car Accident Loans Faq's

How much time it will take for the approval of car accident loans?

We approve Car accident loans as quickly as possible. We can guarantee that it will not take more than 24 hours under any kind of circumstances.

What are the risks associated with car accident loans?

Unlike other loans There are no risks associated with the Car accident loans at all. in case if you lose the case, there is no need to repay anything. So these loans are completely free of risk. Also, you get to keep the money free of charge if the case falls through without settlement.

What are the living expenses this service pays for?

You are provided with quick, easy financial relief. You can use the funds as you wish. A customer generally get paid for Medical bills, Legal fees if any, Rent payments, any Car payments that are left and other General living expenses.

What kinds of accidents qualifies for car accident loans

Generally all kinds of accidents due to the negligence of the other driver qualifies you for car accident loans. Some common types of accidents are pedestrian accidents, RV accidents, bike accidents, bus accidents, taxi accidents, etc.

What are the prerequisites for qualifying for a car accident loan

You will be qualified for a car accident lawsuit if your age is 18 or above, on a contingency basis you should have hired an attorney, there must be a legal claim which is valid against the company that insured you. Bodily injury and other kinds of damages are very essential. It is the severity of the injury that determines the advance amounts.

What are the benefits of car accident loans

There are several benefits to get funded before the settlement of your case. You won't face any financial stress, So, you don't have to settle the case for a lesser amount. Since there are no monthly payment involved, your credit and employment history does nothing mater at all. These cash advances are non-recourse so that makes it completely risk free. And most importantly you don't payback anything if you lose your case.

What are the procedures involved in applying for a car accident loan

First of all you need to contact us by giving a call or applying online. Then we will check all your information, next we will collect some relevant information after contacting your law firm. Then we will inform you the amount that we can provide you for now also considering your requirements.

How much money is provided as advances?

The first thing we do is to communicate with your law firm and get some relevant information. Then we calculate the advance amount. It generally ranges from $500 to $100,000 which depends on the award that you might receive which of course depends on your case value.

Are there many formalities involved in car accident loans?

No there aren't many formalities at all. We just need some relevant information, and we have avoided time-consuming paperwork.

What is the interest rate for the Pre settlement of accident loans?

The interest rate for car accident loans is 20 % and its simple interest, and its non-compounding.

Pre-Settlement Funding Cost Calculator

No-Win / No-Pay Legal Funding

how many pre settlement loans can i get

A legal funding is not a loan because you only pay us back when you win your case. That's right – there is no risk to you because if you lose your case you do not pay us back and you keep the cash.


While other pre-settlement legal funding companies charge additional fees just to submit an application or just to review your case, here at Argenta Legal Funding we don't… none, zip, zero. Go ahead and compare… all-in, there is no one better than Argenta Legal Funding!

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