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Getting compensation from the insurance company after a car accident can be a lengthy ordeal. At times, the accused or insurance company will complicate the case leading to a delay in the verdict. By getting adequate car accident loans or car accident finance, you can take care of medical, routine and legal expenses, easily without any financial trouble.

If you are in the middle of a car accident lawsuit and need an advance against anticipated settlement reward, Argenta Fund is here for you. We help you get your desired pre-settlement legal funding in just 24 hours.

Get back to your routine without worrying about increased expenses

Pre-settlement funding helps you take care of increased expenses in case of a car accident. If you have suffered personal injury, pre settlement funding will help you pay for your medical bills as well as cover up for the loss of income that may have occured. Our non-recourse philosophy will also ensure that you have to pay, only if you win a car accident lawsuit, making the whole proposition completely risk-free for you.

By getting legal funding, you can easily focus on getting back to your normal routine and take care of all kinds of extra expenses that arise because of a car accident. Argenta Fund makes it easy for you to get legal funding and receive funds in just 24 hours.

Get pre-settlement funds at low rates in case of car accident lawsuits

Suffering from personal injury or damages in case of car accident can be quite frustrating. By availing pre-settlement funding for a car accident lawsuit, you can stay worry-free about financial requirements. No matter how much time it takes for a favorable verdict, a pre-settlement advance will ensure you do not have to think of financial burdens.

Our simple and quick legal funding disbursal process help you get required funding in just 24 hours. You can talk to your attorney about pre-settlement funding or with us and we will guide you through further steps. What's more, you are not even required to pay us if you lose your lawsuit. This makes Argenta Fund's car accident legal funding a completely risk-free option to handle enormous legal and personal expenses.

If you are worried about lawsuit expenses and lengthy litigation processes leading to the churning of your personal savings, contact us for pre-settlement funding and get required funds at low rates without any trouble in just 24 hours.

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The funds I received from Argenta Legal Funding allowed me to live a decent life w/o interruption until my case in court comes to close. Thank you Argenta for your prompt service and support.

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Argenta Legal Funding helped us keep going when the tragedy struck my family. Their funding helped us pay our bills while my husband was unable to work and earn for our family and our case was still pending processing. Thank you Argenta for helping us out!.

Mares Kathleen

A legal funding is not a loan because you only pay us back when you win your case. That's right – there is no risk to you because if you lose your case you do not pay us back and you keep the cash.


While other pre-settlement legal funding companies charge additional fees just to submit an application or just to review your case, here at Argenta Legal Funding we don't… none, zip, zero. Go ahead and compare… all-in, there is no one better than Argenta Legal Funding!